Hammocks For Apartment Balconies (Top 5 Choice)

Hammocks For Apartment Balconies

Hammocks For Apartment Balconies

Hammocks are very popular these days. The main reason for that popularity is portability, comfort, and ease of use.

When we hear the word portability we think that we can take the hammock to anyplace to use it.

But that is not true always. There are a few places where hammocks cannot be used. For example, hammocks are not suitable for extremely windy conditions.

At the same time, we also feel that hammock cannot be used in certain places where we can actually use it. This article is intended to answer one such question. It’s about the hammock hanging in the apartment balcony.

Even though the main focus will be on the above question we will also answer a few other related questions because sometimes we won’t see the problem until it rises.

Here are the questions we will discuss here…

1. Can I hang a hammock in my apartment balcony?
2. Is there any specific hammocks for apartment balconies?
3. Hammock Hanging techniques for apartment balconies?
4. Optimal Dimensions For Hanging a Hammock?

Well, this article is intended to answer all these questions.

Can I Hang a Hammock in My Apartment Balcony?

Most of us think that hammocks are designed for camping, hiking, or it’s a patio furniture or it’s something to be used in your backyard.

It’s not only designed for that. You can use the hammocks indoor as well. Which includes a living room, bedroom, study room even in your balcony.

It doesn’t matter how big your balcony is. Hammocks can fit into any size. All you need to do is make sure to get the right size.

If your balcony is very small (Like where you can just sit) then you probably need a hammock chair, not a sleeping hammock. Make sure to measure the size of the balcony.

Most of the balcony will be at least 8 feet or more. We are assuming that your balcony is at that size.

Top 5 Best Hammocks For Apartment Balconies

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Vivere Double Hammock
Vivere Double Hammock
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Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock
Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock
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Sorbus Double Hammock
Sorbus Double Hammock
Very GoodModerate4.7/5Check Price
Best Choice Products Double Hammock
Best Choice Products Double Hammock
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OnCloud Double Hammock
OnCloud Double Hammock
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Best Hammocks For Apartment Balconies

Hammock Hanging Techniques For Apartment Balconies

The Hammock Vocabulary

Well, to start with let’s make sure we are in the same page on hammock vocabulary!

There are three parts of a hammock you should know:
1. Eyes – It is the hanging loops of the hammock which is used to tie the hammock.
2. Scale Lines – This is the line that connects the eye(end loop) with the bed
3. Bed – This is the part that we sleep on!

The Hammock Terminology

Credit: yellowhammocks

PLEASE NOTE: These are some of the most simple hanging techniques and NOT THE ONLY ONES. With the help of hammock straps, carabiner, and ropes, you can extend your hammock.

Things You Will Need

– Tape measure
– Drill
– Drill bit
– 2 Eyebolts
– Screwdriver 


To hang a hammock in your balcony, drill two holes in the ceiling or the wall beam. Then insert an eyebolt into the hole. Use a hammock strap or a rope or a carabiner to link both eyes of the hammock.

Make sure the holes are parallel and the distance between the two holes must not be less than 10ft or 120 inches.


If you’ve beams in your balcony wrap the ropes strongly around the beam and then attach the ropes to the eyes of the hammock. If you don’t have a beam in your balcony you can skip this.


Let’s assume that you have one beam on your balcony. You don’t have another one to hang your hammock. Now you can use the combination of beam and the eye-bolt to hang your hammock.

The hybrid approach should be used only after taking proper measurements of the height and the length. However, we will see the optimal length and the height for hanging a hammock in the later part of this article.


Almost all the hammocks are compatible with most hammock stands in the market. If you’re not worried about the space you can use a hammock stand in your balcony.

Optimal Dimensions For Hanging a Hammock

Now you know how to hang a hammock in your balcony. Next, you need to know where to place the anchor points.

Before we get to know that we have to be clear about the hammocks first. In general, there are two types of hammocks.
1. Single hammock – One person hammock.
2. Double hammock – Couples can sleep comfortably.

Choosing the hammock is based on the space available to you. If space in your balcony is very less then you may have to choose the single hammock. Otherwise, you may opt for the double hammock.

The point here is the height, width, and the length of the hammock. There is not much difference between the single and the double hammock in regards to the length.

But the width and the height will wary. Width is very obvious. When there are two people in a hammock the pressure to the hammock increases and hence you may need to have more height in the double hammock in relation to the single hammock.

(We will lay out the dimensions below. These dimensions are optimal for most of the hammocks. Remember, you can extend the reach of your hammock by using ropes!)

TIP: See Diy Ideas On Hammocks For Apartment Balconies. You can find useful ideas. 

Double Hammock Optimal Dimensions

Optimal Distance from Ground – 24 in / 2 ft
Width (between eyes) – 120 in / 10 ft
Optimal Height (of eyes) – 60 in / 5 ft

How to hang a hammock in apartment balcony


The recommended range for double hammock

Not every environment will have the above optimal dimensions. Hence, we have laid out the recommendation dimensions to hang the hammock that will work for you!

Double Hammock Range Recommendations

Range of Width (between eyes) – 96 in / 8 ft – 132 in / 11 ft
Range of Height (of eyes) – 48 in / 4 ft – 72 in / 6 ft

PLEASE NOTE: If you hang the eyes very close together the higher the hammock should be from the ground level. For example, It is not possible to hang a hammock at a width of 8 ft and height of 4 ft. Your measurements are likely to fall somewhere within the recommended range.

Final Words

If you have an idea of buying hammocks for apartment balconies just go for it. Hammocks are really great for relaxing in your balcony. But make sure to follow this checklist.


– Check the size of your apartment balcony
– Choose the hammock that suits your place
– Get all the tools you need to hang a hammock in the balcony
– Use the technique we have mentioned above to hang the hammock in the right dimension. 

Best Hammock For Apartment Balcony
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  • Quality
  • Service
  • Assemble
  • Price


Hammocks for balcony

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